Legion season 2 teaser says season 1 was all in your head

Legion season 2 teaser

The first season of Legion was definitely a mind bender, and we went on a journey with David, who at first believed he was crazy with multiple personality disorder. Well, he’s still going crazy, but at least he has actual powers that can be really devasting.

In the events of the first season, David meets a group of mutants wanting to make the world a better place. However, the government is trying to shut them down. That’s not the only drama for our crazy mutant protagonist. He also has to deal with a shadowy figure from his past that’s threatening to take over his body.

Well, as it turns out, the events of the first season is all in your head. At least that’s what the teaser would like you to believe. Aubrey Plaza definitely plays one of the best characters in the series, and she shines yet again in the video.

Legion season 2 premiers on April 3rd.

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