Vainglory 5v5 update goes live

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Fans of the popular MOBA, Vainglory, were ecstatic this week as the highly anticipated 5v5 mode finally launched.

Vainglory is a mobile MOBA that launched back in fall of 2014. Like most games of its kind, it features a wide cast of playable characters that grow every few months. Yet what truly set Vainglory apart was its simplicity. Matches were conducted 3v3, and each playable character had only 3 abilities. As time has progressed for the game, there have been quite a few changes to it in hopes of reaching a wider audience. And the addition of a 5v5 game mode is just that.

The new game mode drastically increases the size of the map and adds in new objectives. For the past few weeks, those who purchased a Golden Ticket in the in-app shop have been treated to playing the game mode before its official launch. The update serves to add an extra layer of strategy to the game for players who desire a bit more challenge out of the game. This comes on the heels of a previous update which reworked how cosmetic skins were earned and a shift towards a more quest based rewards system.

For 4 years Vainglory has been going strong with a near constant update for content and always does something to bring back any players who may have fallen off or lost interest. The 5v5 battle mode is fresh and gives a welcome break to the 3v3 modes of Onslaught and Battle Royale which were designed to allow players to have quick and enjoyable matches. As the popularity behind the game grows, there’s no telling what other content will be added to flesh out the game even more.

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