Parkour and fly in VR with Sprint Vector (hands-on)

Sprint Vector, Survios’ VR game where you use your arms to run and fly in an obstacle course, is headed to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on February 8th and PSVR on February 13th. I had the chance to check out the game at the Survios studio in Culver City last week, and it really is an adrenaline rush that will make you sweat.

The build I was playing was for the PlayStation VR. I didn’t get the chance to play with other players; however, it was a blessing in disguise since there were a lot of moves to learn, and I probably would have embarrassed myself with less than an hour of training.

To run, you first need to hold the Motion Controller trigger and have an arm extended out in front of you. You then swing your arm down and release the trigger, and repeat this with the other arm. (Imagine running in real life where you swing your arms.) As for turning, you simply have to turn your head and you will move in that direction. If there is a very sharp turn, you can use buttons to quickly turn your camera. And once you get the hang of things, you’ll be able to run, jump, drift, fly with ease. By the end of my one-hour hands-on experience, I was somewhat competent. (I did fall off the course a lot.)

In addition to maneuvering through the course with your avatar, you can also shoot projectiles to activate doors and get power-ups like explosive proximity mines to slow down rivals behind you and nitro speed to give you an extra boost. There are even power-ups that will help you catch up if you’re currently in the last place.

The different obstacle courses are fun and dangerous. Some areas have acid, and others have floating platforms that can lead to your death if you miss. Some of the courses remind me of ones from the Mario Kart games and the Wipeout TV show.

Sprint Vector will have a total of 8 players competing, and there will be 8 characters to choose from. These characters don’t have any unique skills and are mainly just for aesthetics. Remember, the unique skills come from your actual physical skills. The game will feature 12 race tracks, customizable solo play, and 9 challenge courses.

If you’re a competitive gamer who wants a good exercise, I highly recommend giving Sprint Vector a run once it’s available.

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