Nintendo partners with Frostbite Tournament Series

nintendo Frostbite Tournament Series

Today through its official Twitter account, the Frostbite Smash Tournament announced that it had partnered with Nintendo. For as long as Nintendo’s hit game Super Smash Bros. has existed, there has been a fierce competitive scene with just about every iteration. Yet for all the years that Smash Bros. has had this scene, there has been almost no support for the competitive side from Nintendo. Unlike Capcom who has sponsored huge tournaments for Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom, Nintendo largely had nothing to do with the growing Smash competitive scene.

However, in 2017, Nintendo stepped up to the plate and launched Nintendo Versus. Nintendo Versus has become Nintendo’s premiere competitive game network that followed Pokken Tournament, Splatoon 2 and its newest IP Arms, yet almost no word on its involvement with Smash. But at EVO 2017, Nintendo Versus covered Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. 4. Nintendo’s acceptance of the Smash community was well received and drummed up even greater hope for Smash on a competitive level.

With the announcement now that Nintendo has partnered with a Smash tournament, the community is going to grow even larger because of the support from the game’s publisher. Smash Bros. as an E-Sport can now grow exponentially because of its ability to reach more people akin to that of the Capcom Pro Tour. This partnership lays the groundwork for Smash to grow to levels of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat levels of fame.

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