Hollywood Escape House dares us to find the woman in the attic

Hollywood Escape House

Unlike most escape rooms we’ve come across, the ‘Hollywood Escape House’ is quite possibly the most unique escape room we’ve played, mainly for the fact that they are literally inside a house. Located in a quiet North Hollywood neighborhood, the Hollywood Escape House has managed to take your typical home and convert it into an escape room with two creative challenges. We took our skills over to the escape house to try out their most challenging room, ‘Woman In the Attic.’

Taking a page out of the history books, the woman in the attic is about the real-life story of Blanche Monnier, a Parisian woman who was locked in a room for 25 years by her own mother in the 1800s. The police have apprehended Blanches’ mother and as they investigate her, our team is tasked with finding Blanche within the next hour before Blanche is entrapped forever.

It’s not an easy task designing a room with 1800s Parisian decor, but Hollywood Escape House hits it on the nose. When you first walk in, you’re greeted with a vintage Victorian couch, bright floral wallpaper, and even a vintage sewing machine. Being your typical home, the escape house makes great use of the space that it’s given. You can hardly tell that you’re inside a house once you’re in the room.

The design of the room really lends itself to the immersion of the escape room. As we progressed in the game and moved around the room, there were times where we felt as if something was going to pop out at us. Being in an escape room in which the story “is a woman is trapped in an attic,” you can’t help but feel as if something ominous lies in the room. You get a chill down your spine anticipating that sounds of a woman’s cries or scratches will soon be heard, begging for you to find her.

The Woman in the Attic is Escape Houses’ more difficult room out of the two games they have. The puzzles are intended to be linear, but once in our group completely forgot that the puzzles follow one another. The variety of puzzles inside the room did a great job of having a balance between easy and difficult. The easier puzzles gave us our bravado that we were moving quickly in the room, but when we came across a difficult puzzle, it stopped us in our tracks. Even though our group consisted of seasoned escape room vets, the difficult puzzles were even challenging for us.

What I did admire in the room was that the puzzles and locks here seemed to be custom made. They didn’t rely on your modern master locks. Thinking about it I think we came across only one lock that seemed “modern.” When your escape room theme is based on a historic event, it’s great to see that Hollywood Escape House wanted to give you the feeling that the locks were made during that time… by a deranged mother who felt it was necessary to lock her daughter away.

Using an unconventional location, Hollywood Escape House pulls no punches when creating their escape room. They do their best to try to make use feel as if you’re part of history. If you’re new or have tried a few escape rooms, ‘The Woman in the Attic’ is a great room for anyone looking for a challenge.

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