Star Trek: Adversaries has warped in!

Star Trek: Adversaries

Developed by Puppet Master Games, Star Trek: Adversaries draws on the current game style of deck building and card collecting in order for you to do battle with your friends or enemies online. There is a single player campaign that you can choose to play against the AI, an Arena Mode with awards for victories, and there are the classic multiplayer ranked matches where you can photon torpedo everyone in the face so that you stand at the top of the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Canon and Cannons

The team at Puppet Master Games has done all its research and inserted over 300 different starships into the game along with 140 plus crew members from the Star Trek timeline. That means you will see a lot of familiar faces like Captain Picard all the way to Captain James Tiberius Kirk. If you’re a Star Trek fan, you won’t be disappointed at the massive collection of characters and ships.

Space Battles Galore

The way the combat is set up is the pièce de résistance. As the players control their separate flagships, your cards will have you calling for other ships to join in the fight, along with the assigning of crew members to buff stats and capabilities of your ships. Since you have the ability to choose between customizable Klingon and Federation ships, along with different cards to utilize during gameplay, the game’s outcomes will never be the same.

It’s no secret that Star Trek is an extremely popular franchise. There have been several games released throughout the years, and I personally think that the franchise’s last great game was Star Trek Online. Of course, that game was released eight years ago, which makes it a bit antiquated in gaming standards. Fear not, because this new game has recently been released and it’s here to tickle your fancy! It’s Star Trek: Adversaries! Set your phasers to STUNNING. 😉

Note that the game is still in early access and the Puppet Master Games team is consistently improving the gameplay experience. User feedback on that part is extremely important so as to deliver a better product for everyone! There will be more options available than just the Federation and Klingon Empire, so stay frosty for those updates!

The game is free to play and can be downloaded here: Star Trek: Adversaries

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