Android Nougat becomes most used version of Android

Android Nougat

After 18 months from its initial release back in 2016 Android 7.0 and 7.1, Nougat has become the most used version of the Android Operating System. Just last month Nougat surpassed the 3-year-old Lollipop OS to become the second most used. Lollipop was one of Android’s most popular versions, so the news that Nougat has grown this much in adoption is cause to celebrate. With the release of the February distribution numbers, Nougat now reigns supreme.

Nougat runs on approximately 28.5% of all Android devices and just narrowly beats out Marshmallow OS that runs on 28.1% placing it as the second most used. While Google launched the Oreo OS back in fall of last year, the amount of devices running it is still quite small, claiming only a small 1.1% placing it in sixth place behind the more popular Jelly Bean and Kit Kat Android versions.

As anyone with an Android device can tell you, the multitude of devices that support the Android software all get the updates to the new versions at varying speeds and some become phased out and unable to even access the newer versions. For instance, the Nougat version first launched on Nexus devices back in August of 2016 while the new Oreo version first launched on the Sony Xperia models of cellular devices.

In any case, Nougat’s slow climb to top of the Android usage chart highlights how well consumers are adopting to the platform. With any luck, the usage numbers will climb in Nougats favor and highlight some of the improvements that could go into Oreo to help raise its adoption rate as well. If you’re an Android user what version is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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