Gotham season 4 returns on March 1, plus new promo


Gotham’s fourth season went on a little winter break, and I know a lot of fans very worried since there was no midseason date announced. Well, Gotham fans are in luck since a new Gotham promo was released recently, and with it a date of Thursday, March 1st.

In the previous episode, we see Penguin getting locked up. Is this the end of his reign on Gotham? You can never be too sure with a DC show like this, especially when he meets his next-door neighbor, Jerome.

In addition, the promo also reveals that there will be a new Poison Ivy. That makes this a total of 3 actresses playing the plant-loving villain. Maggie Geha and Clare Foley played the character previously, with Peyton List (Frequency) reported to take over. Ivy is definitely growing older and older, and the scene with her kissing young Bruce will make some people feel awkward.

For fans wondering what happened to Ra’s al Ghul, we see his return. Is this an illusion? Is he haunting Barbara? We’ll find out soon enough.

And of course, a lot of fans are excited about the return of Cameron Monaghan as Jerome, and here we see him having some fun with Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin.

Check out the promo below.

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