Super Saiyan Showdown: Vegeta voice actor crushes Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In case you missed the buildup to yesterday’s event, veteran Dragon Ball Z voice actor Chris Sabat called out earth’s mightiest hero Sean Schemmel to a duel in the new Dragon Ball FigherZ game. The location of the battle was set to take place at Santa Ana, California’s eSports Arena. In preparation for the showdown, both combatants were given time to prepare and become familiar with the game. Each was even given their own eSports veteran to help coach the actors in their training.

Sean Schemmel was paired with world renown Street Fighter pro player Justin Wong and Chris Sabat was coached by multi-time Mortal Kombat champ Carl ‘Perfect Legend’ White. Both released videos on Twitter calling out each other in a very fun over-the-top promotional video.

With all the hype that surrounded the Super Saiyan Showdown even, I’m sad to report it was surprisingly a complete blowout.

What was cool was that Lord Beerus himself Jason Douglas showed up to the even and did introduction for the bout. They even wore traditional fighter robes when they came out for their introductions. Even cosplayer VampyBitMe was the ring girl dressed as Andriod 21. The crowd seemed to be in favor Vegeta, but Goku definitely won a few points with the crowd for his zinger “Kamehame-ha ha biatch!” The match started out with Sean using Goku and Chris using Vegeta, naturally. Chris’ Vegeta/Yamcha/Piccolo combo made quick work of Sean’s SS Goku/Trunks/SSGSS Goku team. From the getgo, it seemed that Sean was having issues with button configuration. Chris agreed to make the first round a wash and they started back to Zero – Zero.

Despite having the restart, it only seemed like it was prolonging the inevitable as Chris’s trio of Vegeta/Piccolo/Yamcha destroyed Sean’s triple Goku team of SSGSS Goku/SS Goku/Goku Black. This would be the set teams for the rest of the event and it would all be downhill for Sean. The match ended with a soul-crushing five to zero even though it was originally only supposed to be best two out of three.

Commenting on his win, Chris said he trained his butt off for this match because it was what Vegeta would do. Sean was humble in his defeat, stating that if they played until midnight he might have one a match. He did challenge Chris to a rematch at a later date, but the title of the very first Super Saiyan Showdown champion goes to Vegeta!

You can watch the full stream in the video below. The main event starts at the 1:02 point, just in case you wanna skip the prelim fights.

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