Miitomo: Nintendo’s first attempt at mobile market shuts down

After two years on the App Store and Google Play, Nintendo closes the curtain on its first app “Miitomo.” The app originally launched back in March on 2016 as Nintendo’s weird social media application that managed to thread the line of fun and whimsical, not usually found in social networking platforms.

Instead of the traditional style of social media posting, Miitomo opted for a more personal approach to their integration of questions. Put simply, the app asks you questions then has your friends read the answers and comment. This led to some great interactions with friends due to questions ranging from the simple “What’s your favorite color?” to the obscure “What musician do you think has a weird hobby?”

As of now Nintendo has suspended purchases for in-app currency but will allow players to earn said currency until its final day. While its existence was short-lived, Nintendo plans on spending the next few months having user reminisce about their time using the app. Though it may have been a somewhat dull app, its shutdown might pave the way for new mobile software from Nintendo, perhaps even a rebirth of the recent shutdown of Miiverse on the Switch platform.

What are your thoughts on Miitomo’s shutdown? Is it a welcome shutdown or will it be missed? Let us know in the comments below. Miitomo’s scheduled shutdown date is May 9, 2018.

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