Castlevania/Dark Souls-inspired project ‘Dead Cells’ comes to consoles this year

The action platformer Dead Cells, developed by MotionTwin, is finally coming to consoles this year, giving fans of the difficulty of the Metroidvania-style of games something new to enjoy. The game is an action platformer with a bit of a Dark Souls flair due to its multiple weapons, difficulty, and the “you’ll get better by dying a lot” philosophy that fans of the series will enjoy.

The game features procedurally generated castle that changes with each death and opens new paths for the player to explore.

Dead Cells launched originally back in May of 2017 on Steam’s Early Access platform and has garnered many positive reviews. With news of it coming to consoles this year, excitement for the project has increased and generated a large buzz.

Dead Cells launches on consoles sometime in 2018. Which console are you planning to get the game on? Let us know in the comments below.

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