Monster showcases new speakers, headphones at CES

Monster had a huge presence during CES 2018 with Iggy Azalea and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry making an appearance and performing. The musicians were there to help promote the new products including the SuperStar speaker series and the AirLinks “true wireless” headphones. The audio company has something for everyone, especially with the AirLinks that’s catered to the crowd that normally don’t visit CES.

SuperStar Series

Monster is releasing the SuperStar Series in Q1, and it is one of my favorite lines since I’m a fan of portable Bluetooth speakers. These little guys pack some punch, and the audio is pretty clear. There are four different types of speakers available: the large, 4-driver S400 (MSRP: $199.95), the medium size, 4-driver S300 (MSRP: $169.95), the small 3-driver S200 (MSRP: $119.95), and the very portable 2-driver model S100 (MSRP: $59.95). The SuperStar Series is great for outdoor activity and is water resistant. The S100 and S200 can float, making them perfect for the beach and pool.

You can connect the SuperStar speakers via Bluetooth or 3.5mm Aux line out. The SuperStar S400, S300 and S200 are true wireless, allowing you to pair two speakers. All the models include built-in mics, perfect for setting a conference call with the speakerphone. The coolest feature is MonsterTalk, which allows the speakers to be controlled via your voice. Melody, the AI music assistant, will allow you to control what music to play, request a song, artist, genre or playlist and more.

AirLinks Elements

Iggy Azalea is seen above sporting the AirLinks Elements, the “true wireless” in-ear headphones with an MSRP of $249.95. The headphones are catering to those wanting the feminine look, thanks to the jewelry design. There’s also the AirLinks iSport headphones that are sweat and water resistant (MSRP: $199.95). These come in portable charging cases that you can also show off.

Thanks to the new antenna design, the Monster is able to make true wireless AirLink headphones. Each side of the AirLinks includes two independent drivers, with the right earbud being able to be used by itself for hands-free phone calls. Since these are true wireless and tiny, they will likely be easier to lose, and that’s the reason why Monster is offering a 1-year insurance policy. If you lose one of the earbuds, you can replace it for $20.

AirLinks iSport

Both AirLinks models will feature the Melody-powered MonsterTalk. You can access the music assistant with a tap of a button. Afterwards, you’ll be able to tell your headphones to change the music, choose a song, artist, genre or playlist. You can also access iHeartRadio, Spotify Premium, Tidal with MonsterTalk.

Master Blaster S

Monster is expanding the Monster Blaster line, Bluetooth boombox loudspeakers. The line was introduced in 2016, with the Monster Ravebox being released last year. (This one is great for ravers who loves pretty light shows.) During CES, Monster introduced three new Blaster speakers: Monster Blaster Black (MSRP: $349, February/March release), mid-sized Master Blaster S (MSRP: $299, available Q1), and the Ravebox Plus with lasers and strobe lights.

The new Monster Blaster speakers will feature MonsterTalk, a V-shaped angled cabinet with drivers on both sides to project sound on both sides of the speaker, and PowerBass subwoofer. The Monster Black Black will have seven drivers, with the Master Blaster S having six. Monster says that the Monster Blaster Black can play over 12 hours of continuous music via battery power.

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