Dragon Ball Super set to finish end of March

It’s been a crazy last few months. Dragon Ball Super is heading toward its climactic end with everything at stake. The Tournament of Power became one of the most dynamic sagas in the entire series. No longer are the Z Fighters fighting against evil for survival. Instead, 80 of the strongest warriors across 8 universes have been pitted against each other. The winning universe gets the glory of victory, but also gets to go home. With each ticking minute the tournament goes on, our heroes have faced tough competition. With the odds stacked against them, Universe 7 has managed to remain until the bitter end. Universe 11 has also toughed it out with their 3 main heroes: Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren. And with the recent episode, only 6 fighters remain with Dyspo and Gohan being eliminated.

Around the time the Universe Survival Arc started, there has been some speculation that this would be the last arc of Dragon Ball Super. It’s easy to assume given the type of tournament it became. And with the recent passing of Japanese voice actress Hiromi Tsuru, who voiced Bulma, it’s was almost certain the series would end after the saga. It came as little surprise when the official Dragon Ball Super twitter account made this announcement:

For those who don’t speak Japanese, here is the translation:

Thank you for always cheering! The television series “Dragon Ball Super” Space Survival edition will finally have a climax at the end of March, but thank you for your continued support! Theatrical edition will be released in December this year! Please expect the Dragon Ball series as it will continue so far! # Dragon Ball Super

The Tournament of Power concludes in March!

Naturally, it was inevitable for Dragon Ball Super to end. Seeing as it took place during the 10-year gap after the Buu Saga, there’s only so far the show can go. With the announcement also comes the expectation of more Dragon Ball, and even a movie. Should we expect another series taking place after Super, or even a rebooted GT? Who knows, but for now let’s enjoy these last few episodes we have with Goku and Vegeta. Plus a movie version of The Tournament of Power sounds awesome, though I wish they did the Trunks saga instead.

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