Hi-Rez’s Paladins: Battlegrounds to feature battle royale gameplay

With the recent success of battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite, Hi-Rez is joining the battle royale bandwagon. Last week, Hi-Rez surprised us with the announcement of Paladins: Battlegrounds. Labeled as the first Hero Shooter Battle Royale game, Paladins: Battlegrounds throws our champions in the ultimate PvP matchup. Staying true to Paladins, Battlegrounds sticks to a 4-player matchup where playing as a team is key to survival. With up to 100 players at anytime, up to 25 teams of 4 compete for victory.

What separates Paladins: Battlegrounds from other battle royale games is the focus on team gameplay.┬áRather than making it a massive free for all, Hi-Rez has opted to maintain the original gameplay in a battle royale setting. Granted a tank hero won’t be as effective alone in a 100 free for all, but pitted with 3 others, his chances increase.

Early footage show teams being randomized from the start. With a set of Champions to choose from, it allows for a different experience each time. Also gameplay is similar to other battle royale games where players fight for loot and attempt to escape a fog that grows close toward the center. There is no official release date yet, but Hi-Rez is aiming for early 2018.

Check out the Paladins: Battlegrounds trailer and alpha footage below

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