CES 2018: Nokia Steel HR is the fitness watch you need

Surprisingly, Nokia made its presence known at CES 2018 in a much different way that you would expect… they introduced the health category line. As an avid fan of affordable designer and smartwatches, I was curious to see that it had some very sophisticated looking watches under its product line. I was even more surprised by the fact that its smartwatch seemed to trump the last 2 fitness-only watches that I own, a FitBit and Basis Peak fitness watch. I then switched to a different smartwatch than my original Samsung, since the LG Urbane covers fitness tracking and heart rate monitor. Why all this information? Well, because I thought that only the third generation of Fossil watches would be the watch that I wanted to review after CES, and boy, was I wrong.

The Nokia Steel HR supports the sophisticated elegance necessary for a young professional, while also offering a wide array of fitness tracking benefits. It currently boasts a 25-day battery life that can be recharged through the dock. It also supports heart rater monitoring through its personalized app report that does around-the-clock activity tracking. I can not tell you how beneficial that is for people who work out or are progressing through their fitness goals. I have forgotten countless of times to turn on my Google fit fitness tracking, compared to Nokia’s automatic activity tracking that can recognize activities like walking, running, swimming, and even your sleep patterns.

There is also a small indicator on the front that tells you your current heart rate, number of steps, distance, calories burned, alarm time, and smartphone alerts which is very beneficial when you don’t want to pull your phone out. The last and most important thing is that it is water resistant up to 50 meters. You could scuba dive with this awesome piece of technology!

Besides all of these technological advantages, the watch comes in both 36 and 40mm styles as well as with a silicon band or upgraded leather band. For those with a sense of fashion, you probably know that Rose Gold is currently the hot item, and this device comes in Rose Gold accents that everyone will love on top of a stylish black face. It currently retails for this series at $179, which is an absolute bargain compared to other device costs and their capabilities.

Check out the infographic below, or you can buy it on Amazon here.

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