CES 2018: Anker’s expanding product lines

Anker is one of the most trusted cell phone cable brands selling on Amazon. I’ve been a fan, myself, for many years and often recommend their cables to friends and family. It was at last year’s CES when I first met these guys, and I am happy to say that they are cool people after seeing them again at this year’s CES.

Anker has been expanding its product line to include products and technologies outside of cables. Anker Innovations is the name that covers all these new products. My first thought was that Anker had money to blow and bought out other companies, but that is not the case here. I was quickly corrected that these are all in-house developed products. Here are some of our favorites that we saw at CES this year from Anker:

ZOLO Liberty+ Earphones

Truly wireless earbuds were probably the top 5 of all products introduced at CES this year. The ZOLO Liberty+ Earphones are Anker’s entry into this jungle. This product is not yet on the market, but expect them mid-2018.

NEBULA Capsule

Projectors are dime a dozen at CES, but how many of them come in the size of a soda can. Anker Innovations’ NEBULA Capsule also boasts 4 hours of movie playtime. The NEBULA Capsule is available now.

Check out the rest of Anker’s other highly acclaimed products here.

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