Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta reaches a level beyond Super Saiyan Blue?

Dragon Ball Super has returned from it’s short break, and we’re heading to the last few minutes left in the Tournament of Power. A lot has happened these past few months, and the last two remaining teams are Universe 7 and Universe 11. Left in Universe 7 are Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan and Android 17. Universe 11 is left with Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren, the last of the Pride Troopers. Though Universe 7 has the numbers, Universe 11 has proven to be a formidable foe. The toughest opponent being Jiren who appears to be unbeatable. Round 2 of Goku vs Jiren has begun with Vegeta disrupting their match.

With Goku seemingly on par with Jiren since their last battle, and attaining Ultra Instinct, Vegeta challenges Jiren’s strength. At first Vegeta seemed to stuggle with Jiren, he eventually surprised Jiren by landing two clean hits. Jiren then overwhelms Vegeta, nearly eliminating him. A quick taunt provokes Vegeta to increase his energy for a massive Final Flash. Despite a direct hit, Jiren catches Vegeta off guard and unleashes an attack that nearly kills Vegeta.

Vegeta’s new form?

The last we see Vegeta is near motionless with his eyes wide open after the massive attack he just sustained. The preview for Episode 123 gives a good look at what to expect next. Goku and Jiren continue their bout and Goku appears to make a mistake during battle. Vegeta eventually stands up and awakens a new type of form which Goku describes as “an amazing power beyond Super Saiyan Blue.” We also get a quick shot of Goku in SS Blue Kaioken and Vegeta in SS Blue but almost fully healed. Many have theorized that Vegeta attains Ultra Instict as well, but Goku’s description wouldn’t match that. Could it be that Vegeta reaches Super Saiyan Blue 2? It’s the only thing that makes sense and would fit his more aggressive fighting style while Ultra Instict fits Goku’s technical and defensive style.

With 8 minutes left in the Tournament of Power (possibly 8 episodes), and only 8 fighters out of 80 remaining, we close to it’s dramatic end. All fighters will be pushed to their limits to decide the fate of their own universe.

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