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Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. When word first came out about this terrible film, people wanted to see what it was about. After all, how bad can a film really be? Apparently, really bad. Yet that’s why people love it so much. It’s a film that’s so bad that it’s actually funny. Audiences across the nation came together to enjoy this notoriously bad film together. The Room became such a cult hit that Greg Sestero wrote a book about the making of the film titled “The Disaster Artist”. Now, James Franco is bringing the book adaptation to the big screen. Although the film has a killer cast, is a film about the making of the worst film ever made going to be any good?

The Disaster Artist is a charming tale about two friends trying to make it in Hollywood. James Franco gives an immersive performance and directs one of the funniest films of the year. He’s never been better.

The Disaster Artist follows Greg Sestero, an aspiring young actor who befriends the mysterious Tommy Wiseau. Following their dreams of making it into Hollywood, Wiseau and Sestero both move to Los Angeles. As Hollywood continually rejects them, Wiseau takes matters into his own hands and decides to create his film called The Room

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From the moment the teaser trailer came about, everyone began to see the hilarity behind The Room. Yet what people didn’t realize is how much heart the film actually had. The Disaster Artist isn’t just about the making of The Room, though. It’s really about the friendship of two guys who are chasing their dreams when Hollywood didn’t want them. That’s where most of the film’s heart comes from.

The friendship between Greg and Tommy is a contentious but enjoyable one. Tommy does a lot of nice things for Greg but in return he wants total loyalty. Meaning no girlfriends and no other Hollywood jobs. After everything, Greg still complies with Tommy’s wishes because of his friendship with him.

Yet even after all the of the idiotic things that Tommy does, you still feel some sympathy for him. Even though you know absolutely nothing about him. That is to say, Tommy will still be the mysterious enigma that we know of him today. You still won’t know how he got his money or where he came from. But that’s where the charm of watching Tommy comes from. He does what he wants and is hilarious in doing it.

And boy, is this film totally hilarious. You’ll be laughing hysterically from the beginning of the film to the end. Unlike most comedies, the funniest parts of the film weren’t given away from in the trailers. There are still many amusing moments to be found within the film. Also, this isn’t the kind of film where a flurry of gags are sent at a rapid pace with the hope that they hit more than they miss. The film earns every funny moment with its well-timed gags. It seems as if director James Franco learned how to create a film that’s funny and heartfelt from his friend, Judd Apatow.

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Unfortunately, Franco didn’t learn a sense of pacing when editing the film because the film does feel a bit long. Because of this, Tommy will begin to get on your nerves and overstay his welcome. Not to mention, there isn’t much character evolution between Tommy and Greg either.

Be that as it may, James Franco is completely hypnotic as Tommy Wiseau. He totally immerses himself into the role. If you close your eyes and listen to him, you’d begin to think that it’s Wiseau talking. Even his laugh is exactly the same as Wiseau’s—something that’s not so easy to duplicate. James’ brother, Dave, is also good as Greg Sestero. However, James’ performance completely overshadows his brother’s performance here. Dave’s performance is not quite as memorable.

Overall, The Disaster Artist is a funny and heartfelt film about never giving up on your dreams. Even though your dreams may end up in a massive failure, something greater may come from it. It’s an inspiring film for all the dreamers out there.

Rating: 4/5 atoms

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