The Laboratory Escape Room features ingenious puzzles

the laboratory escape room

There are escape rooms that feature both immersive settings and elaborate puzzles. But with The Laboratory Escape Room in Downtown Los Angeles, its focus is on puzzles, and that’s not a bad thing. Especially since it has created plenty of ingenious puzzles ready to be solved. So if you’re looking for a very immersive experience, I suggest looking elsewhere. However, if you are a fan of solving inventive puzzles, then I highly recommend checking out The Laboratory Escape Room.

The look of the rooms is pretty simple, with tables set up all around and puzzles placed on top of them. To spice things up, there are six paths that will lead to unlocking the final puzzle to help you escape alive. The rule is pretty simple: you have one hour to solve the puzzles and escape.

We came in a group of 5, and it required us to work extra hard since there are 6 paths filled with puzzles to solve. If one of us were stuck with a puzzle, we would sometimes take turns to get a fresh pair of eyes.

Some of the puzzles I was trying to solve was like nothing I have ever seen in other escape rooms. For example, I would have to use an item to create a tool, and only this newly created tool would allow me to proceed to the next step. Other puzzles will have you using your senses including smelling tubes and hearing faint sounds, so make sure you have someone who’s got a nose for things and someone who can listen carefully.

With six different paths to take, it means that everyone is busy working on their own puzzles, and it’s definitely a good thing for me. Oftentimes in other escape rooms, a group would try to crowd in on the same puzzle, especially if it’s a linear escape room. And that can be a bit of a hassle since everyone wants to participate. With The Laboratory Escape Room, each person feels important. So ideally, a group of 6 would be best.

In the end, we were able to make it out alive. In addition, I felt like I was in a Mission Impossible film where the ending relied on us making the right choice.

If you are in the Downtown Los Angeles area, be sure to check out The Laboratory Escape Room. You can book the room at

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