Doom VFR is now available

The Doom franchise still lives!

The Doom franchise has been out for quite some time now. And with no shame, I was there when the first Doom came out back in the 1990s. I have aged myself, but being a gamer knows no age! In similar fashion, the Doom franchise is ageless and still kicking ass.

Doom was once one of the scariest games out in the gaming market, but it’s now 2017 and not only are you still killing demons in space, but you’re now killing them through VR. That means that all the types of demons are going to be around you making your life…a living hell (Queue the C.S.I. Miami explosion after that pun).

If you’re keen on telefragging demonic hordes and blasting enemies into oblivion, go out and pick up Doom VFR and see how long you last. I will say this, the Cacodemon and the Baron of Hell are probably going to welcome you with open arms. By that, I mean they’ll tear your arms off and beat you with them; beat you with open arms.

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