Destiny 2 and Alexa give birth to Ghost speaker

Destiny 2

This wasn’t something players were expecting. Amazon has given Alexa a new skill, involving the floating manifestation of your relationship with The Traveler! Yes, that’s right, you can speak to your very own Ghost, rather than being the typical silent protagonist of your own life. You can integrate this new Ghost skill for Alexa, by going to this page.

Check out some of the videos showcasing what the Ghost skill is capable of:

If you want the full visual experience, you can get a light-up, Ghost speaker, with the $89.99 pre-order with a ship date of December 19, 2017. But to be clear, this speaker cannot operate on its own. You still need Destiny 2, a main Alexa device, and the Ghost speaker is merely an extension of these.

Some publications had the opportunity to test out the Ghost skill and learned some benefits but also some flaws. When you summon Destiny 2 related requests, you call out “Alexa, ask Ghost…” or “Alexa, tell Ghost…”,¬† issuing requests for gear swapping, lore questions, or gaming advice. As with the main game, the Ghost responses are all voiced by Nolan North. I doubt they have a contract to use Peter Dinklage, as per Destiny 1.

As expected of a franchise material, there is a limitation to how much interaction the Ghost skill offers. Ars Technica’s Sam Machkovech was able to test out a model and found that it cycled through the same pre-designated responses. When it came to assisting player’s in Destiny 2’s gear management, like in the video above, it only responded to variations of “Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my best weapon.” Franchises and their gimmicks, right?

However, if you are a Destiny enthusiast, the limited edition Ghost speaker is still available for pre-order. So check it out before its all gone!

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