Resident Evil: Revelations Collection puts horror in your hands (Switch review)

Resident Evil: Revelations Collection

Capcom is slowly getting on board with the Nintendo Switch. After its success with Ultra Street Fighter II, it has now ported over both Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2 to the Nintendo Switch.

The first Revelations game follows series favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield aboard an abandoned cruise ship, the Queen Zenobia. A secret organization is threatening to infect the world’s oceans with a new virus, and it’s up to our heroes to stop them.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 marks the return of Claire Redfield and Barry Burton. It centers around Claire’s escape from Suhestvovanie Island and Barry’s search for his daughter, Moira, after learning of her disappearance.

The Resident Evil: Revelations Collection is graphically amazing on the Nintendo Switch. The 12-chapter campaign lasts around 7 hours and is engaging from start to finish. There are a few moments of frustration, and they mostly occurred from instant death scenarios when failing to stun an enemy or dodge at the right time. The silver lining is that the game saves frequently, so anytime I died, my restart point was at most a 5-minute setback.

The game allows the player to use motion controls for aiming, but this feature was lost quickly on me as I felt it hindered my aim. As for the regular controls, they are sharp and intuitive. My only issue was the tricky dodge mechanic, and I was grateful when it worked. But rather than rely on it, I focused on proper positioning and accuracy to take down enemies with minimal injuries.

Revelation’s chapter system grades the player on accuracy and total deaths. Based on overall performance, players can earn thousands of BP to use in Raid mode. The mode can be played solo or with a friend via local or online play. And it features 21 stages and plenty of unlockable characters, costumes, weapons and other customizations. Later stages are locked until the player has completed specific chapters in the campaign. Playing raid mode solo will test the player on how well they have mastered the game’s mechanics such as dodging and aiming for enemy weak points. We were unable to test multiplayer features in raid mode at this time.

Revelations 2’s episodic nature hasn’t changed, and its Nintendo Switch release includes previous features along with a few exclusive bonuses. The controls are vastly improved with fixes for some issues. The game looks fantastic during handheld mode and nearly as good when docked. And thanks to better lighting, you can see more of Revelations 2’s gruesomeness.

My biggest issue with the Switch version is the load times. The Xbox One and PS4 versions also had long loads, but the Switch load times seem longer by comparison.

Raid mode’s 100+ stages are fully playable in co-op, both online and locally, and the bonus episodes for the campaign are all present. To this day I consider Revelations 2’s raid mode to be one of the most robust horde modes out there. It has a plethora of customization options for characters, weapons, skills and its difficulty is challenging but fair. The game includes all the previously released missions as well as the daily missions that rotate with special bonuses. Again we weren’t able to test out online features, but the local split screen option works great.

Resident Evil: Revelations Collection is a no-brainer for fans of the franchise. It brings the series back to its roots and follows some of the most beloved characters in the franchise. The game’s optimization for Nintendo Switch feels great and has tons of content to keep players coming back for more. Capcom also hid minigames throughout the collection to give players a break from the action. And playing the games rewards the player with gold and BP to spend on various upgrades. These little bonuses and Capcom’s attention to detail make this one of the best Resident Evil packages ever released.

The physical copy includes a physical cartridge for Revelations and a voucher to download Revelations 2 from the Nintendo eShop. Digital downloading both games will require 35+ gigs of space. So make sure you have expanded your Switch’s memory with a Micro SD card.

Final Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

Resident Evil: Revelations Collection is currently available at most retailers for $39.99. They can also be bought individually from the Nintendo eShop at $19.99 a piece.

This review for the Switch focuses on what’s different from previous releases. To see what we had to say about the games themselves, you can check out our reviews for Revelations and Revelations 2.

*Resident Evil: Revelations Collection was reviewed using a retail download key provided by Capcom.

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