Day of the Devs 2017: 10 games to look forward to

Day of the Devs

Day of the Devs recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, and Nerd Reactor was there to check out 70 upcoming games from various developers. This list is not a ranking of the games at the event and will exclude games that we have covered previously such as Ni No Kuni 2. With all the disclaimers out of the way, let’s get into it.

Runner 3

This year’s Day of the Dev’s had a lot of new faces, but one familiar face stood out from the crowd. Runner 3 is the latest in the Bit.Trip Runner franchise.  It’s received quite the graphical and feature facelift including new hero quests, branching paths, item shops and even vehicle sequences. Unlike its predecessors, each world has a unique style and mechanic to give them a distinct feel from one another.

Runner 3 is scheduled to release on Steam and Switch in early 2018.

Light Fingers

If I had to pick one game from the event to show my friends, it would be Light Fingers. This procedurally generated boardgame about thieves wagering their daily loot and competing with one another is sure to be a party favorite. Players take turns rolling dice and moving across the map in the search for treasure. Treasure can be found inside of dungeons that play out like a platforming minigame, as well as by looting shops in the world. Players can ambush other players and attempt to steal another’s loot by winning a reflex based minigame. The first player to acquire two pieces of treasure and deposit it back at camp wins the game.

Light Fingers is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch in Q1 of 2018

Aegis Defenders

Aegis Defenders is an upcoming action/RPG with platforming and tower defense elements. It takes place in a world that has reverted to the Dark Ages, and everyone is out for lost technologies. Bart and Clu have set out to find a relic called the Aegis before the empire does.

The game plays similar to traditional side-scrolling Metroidvania action games. What sets it apart is throughout your journey you will also build towers to defend yourselves from waves of enemies. Enemies are color-coded and resilient to weapons that don’t match their color.

Aegis Defenders is scheduled to release on Steam and PS4 later this year.


Pine is an open world action/simulation game that takes place on a remote island where humans aren’t the dominant species. The island is instead filled with evolved animal species that compete for control of the island. Your actions and inactions will determine how the island develops and which tribes of animals will reign supreme. Trading supplies to one species will help them gain more control while earning you their help when necessary. The enemies will learn from your combat style and adapt so it will be important to mix things up as you progress.

Pine is still in the early stages of development. Even so, it still looks very promising for fans of the genre.  Platforms and release dates are TBA.

Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut is a modern adventure game with a ’70s aesthetic. Set in an underwater utopia-turned-awry, you are Harold Halibut a lab assistant and janitor. After the departing from earth, society has come to believe they are the last pocket of humanity and these illusions are evident throughout the narrative. Your interactions throughout conversations and events will help awaken Harold’s dormant personality. The games created with claymation stylized animation that was unlike any other game during my time at Day of the Devs.

Harold Halibut is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Laser League

Laser League is an 8-player arena combat game where your weapons are laser grids activated by touch. Similar to Tron, colliding with an energy beam of an opponent’s color means instant deletion. However, if teammates survive short periods of time, players can respawn. Victory is declared when only one team is left standing. Lasers come in multiple shapes and rotate or bounce off walls based on the arena. Players can choose from over 60 characters and customize them from a choice of 6 classes. Laser League got my adrenaline pumping quite unlike any other game during Day of the Devs.

Laser League is currently in closed beta on PC, other platforms and official release dates are still TBA.

Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes is a hand-painted action/RPG that takes place on a British island in the 1980s. You take on the roles of Nessa and Demelza, two kids that have a penchant for improvised schemes. Their journey will lead them to uncover treasure, mystery, and trouble. The girls will have access to water balloons, frisbees, and other weapons/abilities as they progress. The demo had a very comedic feel that complemented the action and was enjoyable from beginning to end.

Knights and Bikes is scheduled to release on PS4, and PC at a TBA date.

Regular Human Basketball

Regular Human basketball is anything but that. The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponents just like any other game of basketball. However, there is a twist, your team of 4 must operate various switches to control your human’s movement and abilities. The game is fast and frantic, and in a world of perfect communication, games would have high scores. Games instead boil down to shouting matches like a team shouting out answers during a game of Pictionary. The chaos adds to the intensity of the game, and it’s better off for it.

Real Human Basketball will release a full version of the game early 2018 on Steam. If you’d like to give the game a try before that, you can download a basic version now from their website here.


Riverbond is a charming 4-player cooperative action game set inside a destructible voxel world reminiscent of Minecraft. The game features a variety of characters and is filled with activities to keep the player busy. Riverbond’s great mechanics and creativity give it potential to shine for groups of friends in the younger demographic.

Riverbond is scheduled for PC and consoles in 2018.

UFO 50

Our final choice from Day of the Devs is a compilation of games – 50 games to be exact. UFO 50’s collection harkens back to the days of sprites and classic genres of games. These range from the typical ’80s sidescrolling brawlers to our earliest look at various sports games. All of the games will have a single player mode, and a third will also support co-op or competition. The games have an old school 8-bit art style and are limited to a 32-color palette, bringing that feeling of nostalgia. The developers also used modern game design and mechanics to remove some of the technical frustrations of old school games. Each game has its own distinct feel and is bound to keep fans pleasantly entertained.

UFO 50 is scheduled to release on PC in 2018 with other platforms to follow after that.

You can see all of the games showcased at 2017’s Day of the Devs here. Each of the games has links directly back to the respective developer’s site or Steam pages, so you can learn more about the title and the rest of the developer’s catalog.

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