Qudan is the Tekken 7 World Tour Champion.

The Tekken World Tour Finals have concluded, and everyone lucky enough to watch the spectacle in person enjoyed quite a show. The full-day tournament saw the top qualifiers from USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region facing off for a prize pool of 50K. The 16 player tournament featured this year’s EVO champion and the top 5 players from each regions leaderboards. The tournament was held in San Francisco, CA, and the atmosphere from beginning to end was positively electric.

The first part of the tournament was the group stages where players played 3 best of 3 sets in order to determine who would move on. After the group stages concluded, the 4 top players earned a spot in the winners’ bracket, and the others began in the losers bracket.

Before jumping into the top 8, the players each got a short break while Bandai Namco hosted a short but sweet Dragon Ball FighterZ exhibition tournament. It featured some of the top players in the fighting community going at it DBZ style. The tournament was dominated by Echo Fox’s Sonic Fox with a team of Trunks and both Androids 16 & 18. Utilizing vanishing attacks to chain combos together and practical special move usage proved to be too much for his competition. Sonic Fox’s victory earned him an Xbox One S and of course the bragging rights for being number 1.

Bandai Namco’s own Katsuhiro Harada then came to the stage and talked about upcoming character Geese’s release and Tekken 7’s Technical side. Following his exit, they then aired a reveal trailer for a new character which you can watch here.

The top 8 utilized a best of 3 tournament format until reaching the final 4 and its best of 5 tournament format. The Asia-Pacific region dominated top 8 taking up 3 of the top 4 positions with the last slot being filled by Europe’s CGG Tissuemon. The final match of the Tekken World Tour ended up between Korea’s Qudan (Left) and fellow Korean Saint(Right) representing Echo Fox. Qudan had lost to Saint earlier in the tournament, sending him to loser’s bracket. He then won a grudge match against Echo Fox member JDCR in loser’s finals before his redemption match with Saint. Qudan and his Devil Jin then proceeded to win two 3-1 sets in a row against Saint’s Jack-7.  Thanks to Qudan’s ability to adapt from his previous loss to Saint, he was victorious and the crowd erupted with joy from seeing this comeback unfold.

The tournament results are as follows:

  1. Qudan (Devil Jin)
  2. EchoFox Saint (Jack-7)
  3. EchoFox JDCR (Dragunov, Heihachi)
  4. CGG Tissuemon (Master Raven)
  5. Circa JoeyFury (Jack-7, Paul) and COOASGAMES Noroma (Jack-7)
  6. N/A
  7. PG Speedkicks (Hwoarang) and NCSS Jimmy J Tran (Bryan)
  8. N/A

The Tekken 7 World Tour was amazing to watch first hand, and it’s only going to grow if Bandai Namco keeps giving it the attention it deserves. If you happened to miss the show and want to see the whole thing in action including the Dragonball Fighters Exhibition tournament, you can do that on the Tekken 7 Twitch channel. Dragon Ball FighterZ starts around the 5:52 mark and top 8 starts around the 7-hour mark, for those of you who only want to see the top dogs brawl it out.

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