Check out the 13th Doctor’s new look!

BBC has released the official image of the 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, which showcases her new attire. Many fans have been interpreting the new costume as an homage to the previous Doctors.

The yellow suspenders have a bit of the Eleventh Doctor’s flair. The colors play a bit on the Sixth and Seventh Doctor. The stripe on the chest as a nod to the Fourth Doctor. The coat is long and flowy just like the Tenth Doctor. Of course, all of this is brought to life with the new Doctor’s personality. The look feels a bit futuristic, especially with the colors on the coat.

Comic artist Patrick Goddard designed the costume for the series and posted an image of his sketch, which was later taken down. Costume designer Ray Holman, who put together the wardrobe, couldn’t say much regarding the costume.

Although, that did not stop many cosplayers from beginning their search for the 13th Doctor’s outfit. Many have noted that the pieces were specially made for the 13th Doctor, so that may have to be custom made.

Another thing to notice is how the TARDIS looks. It looks like in addition to a new Doctor and outfit, we are also getting a new TARDIS!

The color has gotten darker, even potentially matching the Doctor’s pants. The signage is also black now instead of the white signage. The location of the lock has moved above the handle, which lowers the handle a bit from the original TARDIS. The windows on the TARDIS are also clear, compared to the 12th Doctor’s blocked out windows. The lamp on the top also looks a bit different.

Whittaker, the first female to play The Doctor, will take over the role from Peter Capaldi after this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special. The new companions were announced last month with Bradley Wals as Graham, Mandip Gill as Yasmin, and Tosin Cole as Ryan.

Doctor Who‘s new season will begin in the Spring of 2018.

Doctor Who’s Christmas Special will air on Christmas Day, December 25th on BBC One and BBC America.

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