Disney in talks to buy portion of 21st Century Fox

Credit: Fox

About three years ago we released a hilarious April Fools article that stated that Fox would be releasing their Marvel rights back to Disney. As funny as that was at that time, what seemed like a pipe dream many moons ago could finally be coming to fruition. This is coming from sources from CNBC stating that Disney and Fox have been holding talks where Fox would sell most of its company to the Disney corporation.

According to the senior management at Fox, its willingness to grow or increase its scale in media is the most immediate of importance. Being bought out by Disney would mean that Disney would be in control of its production team, hence growing its media platform quite wholesomely. Not only would both companies benefit from the growth, but it would only increase the fanbases on both sides, especially for Marvel fans.

In the past, many of the Marvel franchises that [Fox] currently own have been criticized and fans have been expecting them to return to the Marvel Disney fold.  If this sale happens, then this could be the break that everyone is looking for. Don’t mistake this for a full purchase of the company, the portion that Disney would be acquiring would be an incredible asset since the ultimate plan would be to completely merge all Marvel Universes back into one.

If these talks were to complete, would we finally see Dr. Doom taking on the Avengers and the X-Men? That, or we could finally see The Fantastic Four actually be in a properly managed movie with a great script that does Marvel’s first family justice. Or better yet, we could finally see Galactus and The Silver Surfer cruising through the Marvel cosmos and interacting with other cosmic entities that haven’t been introduced yet?

I personally hope that Marvel and Fox finally find some common ground on this and just embrace each other, as if you’re finally back with the one that got away from you.

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