Look sharp while time traveling with these Doctor Who suits

Doctor Who

Fun.com has an exclusive line of Doctor Who suits, and these are looking very dapper. You can go all out with a suit that looks like the TARDIS, or you can be subtle while still supporting the good doctor… or villain.

During the Halloween weekend, I decided to go all out with the TARDIS suit jacket and pants, and let me tell you, it was a hit with the ladies and gentlemen. One lady came up to me and asked with a smile, “Is it bigger on the inside?” A security guard said, “I know that’s not your Halloween outfit. You must look that good all the time.” Plus, the suit attracted other Whovians, so you can talk about your favorite doctor for the entirety of the night. So yeah, they are all pretty nice compliments.

The suit is made of 100% polyester with a slim fit for that tailored look. The suit jacket comes with the bowtie and pocket square and has two interior pockets and one exterior pocket. (Although the exterior one is just for looks.) The iconic TARDIS is represented with the deep blue exterior and white windows. There’s a hidden surprise as well. The satin fabric interior features designs of the control room.

You can get the TARDIS suit at the links below:

Doctor Who TARDIS Suit Jacket

Doctor Who TARDIS Suit Pants

Check out the other Doctor Who suits below:

Doctor Who TARDIS Pop Interior Suit Jacket

Doctor Who TARDIS Pop Interior Suit Pants

Doctor Who Dalek Subtle Suit Jacket

Doctor Who Dalek Subtle Suit Pants

Doctor Who TARDIS Subtle Suit Jacket

Doctor Who TARDIS Subtle Suit Pants


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