BlizzCon 2017: Hanzo coming to Heroes of the Storm

With some of our crew on the ground at BlizzCon 2017, others are keeping their eyes on the live-stream of the opening ceremonies. While I’m personally amped for what is to come for World of Warcraft, Blizzard unveiled an action-packed cinematic for Heroes of the Storm. Taking place on the arches of a ruin, we see a red-armored character being chased by none other than Hanzo Shimada of Overwatch!

Heroes of the Storm hanzo

And who was he chasing down? The Dragon Queen herself, Alexstrasza, the Life-binder! One of the most important characters in Warcraft lore, she commands the power of life, while breathing down a rain of fire upon her enemies.

A sneak peek of how these characters perform in the Nexus can be found in the video below!

Check out the cinematic below, called Dragons of the Nexus, and let us know your thoughts. 😀

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