Overwatch: New hero Moira, Reinhardt short, and Blizzard World map

BlizzCon 2017 is happening this weekend, and it’s a great day for Overwatch fans. We were treated to three big things, and they include a new hero, map and an animated short.

Blizzard has introduced a new hero, Moira, a brilliant and ambitious Talon geneticist. She is a support character focused on healing. Check out her trailer and abilities below:

Biotic Grasp
Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic energy to heal allies in front of her. Her right hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies’ health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy.

Biotic Orb
Moira launches a rebounding biotic sphere; she can choose between a regeneration effect that heals the allies it passes through, or a decay effect that deals damage to enemies.

Moira quickly teleports a short distance.

Moira channels a long-range beam that both heals allies and bypasses barriers to damage her enemies.

Theme parks like Disneyland are very popular, and soon Blizzard fans will get to play in a Blizzard theme park called Blizzard World, a new map for Overwatch.

This is probably one of my favorite Overwatch animated shorts since it’s so touching. We get an origin story for Reinhardt, the rocket-hammer wielding knight, and we get to see how he lost his left eye.

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