Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas earn a perfect score in Dancing with the Stars

Credit: ABC

Those watching Dancing with the Stars for Lindsey Stirling can breathe a sigh of relief. The popular violin player is doing quite well. In fact, she just scored a perfect score along with partner Mark Ballas this past Monday.

“I am so thrilled that dance felt so good!” Stirling, 31, told ET (via Yahoo). “When I hit the ground at the end I was just like, ‘Ooo, we nailed it we nailed it!’ And it was so great.”

Stirling and Ballas performed an Argentine Tango to “Human” by Sevdaliza.

The official replay is available on YouTube.

What is next?

At this point, Stirling and Ballas must be considered the heavy favorites to win the entire competition. It is kind of strange though, that Stirling is considered an “amateur” in the competition. It does not feel like Stirling lacks any dancing skills, given her past music videos and concerts where she literally dances while playing the violin.

Nonetheless, it is fun for viewers and Stirling’s regular fans to see her in front of such a large audience. Maybe some of the general DWTS audience will be converted to “Stirlingites,” as Lindsey Stirling fans like to label themselves.

Dancing with the Stars continues every Monday night on ABC.

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