Freddy Krueger’s powers revealed in Dead by Daylight’s A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC

Dead by Daylight a nightmare on elm street freddy krueger

You’ve heard the lullaby. You know the claw, and now Dead By Daylight has given you the chance to play as one of horror’s most iconic characters, Freddy Krueger. Hack and slash your way through survivors as you take them to the dream world, where Freddy reigns supreme.

Dead by Daylight fans who love to play as the killer know that each one comes with a bevy of perks that help you hack and slash through survivors, and Freddy is coming in with his own special set.

Fire Up: The increased pressure of losing your prey fills you with anger and give you unsuspected motivation. Each time the Survivors complete repairs on a generator, Fire Up grows in power and grants speed bonus to pick-ups, drops, pallet breaks, generator breaks, and vaults.

Remember Me: You become obsessed with one survivor. Each time you hit your obsession, you increase the opening time of the Exit Gates up to a maximum. The Obsession is not affected by Remember Me.

Blood Warren: Once per match, once the Gates are opened, hooking a Survivor summons The Entity to block the exits for all Survivors for a limited time. While Blood Warden is active, auras of survivors located within the Exit areas are revealed to you.

Along with his special perks, Freddy is equipped with the power “Dream Demon” which allows him to put survivors to sleep. Starting off, Freddy is invisible to all survivors that are awake. Which makes it easier for him to stalk his prey. The only way you know that Freddy is close is when his iconic lullaby can be heard. When you activate “Dream Demon” on a normal survivor, that player is then hit with sleepiness, which will penalize Freddy with a speed reduction as well as hide the survivor’s aura, giving the survivor a chance to escape. Eventually, the survivor will succumb to sleepiness and that’s when the real fun begins.

The Dead By Daylight Freddy Kreuger expansion is now available for PC players for $7 with PS4 and Xbox availability coming in the next few weeks.

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