An hour of walking at Dragon Con 2017 (cosplay music video)

Dragon Con 2017

Dragon Con is considered the mecca of cosplay conventions that brings in fans from all over the nation. And we decided to capture what it’s like to walk around for one hour at Dragon Con 2017 at midnight. The hotels are packed and people can be seen cosplaying everwhere, and viewers will feel as if they’re actually at the convention having a ball. It’s a visual feast filled with all types of activities including dancing, posing, walking, eating, drinking, and pretty much everyone having a great time.

See Squirtle, Star Trek’s Sulu, and a Teletubby dancing, Cammy kicking and more in the video below.

Dragon Con takes place during the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Each year the 4-day event gets bigger and bigger, and this year is no different. Last year the con brought in 77,000 people, and this year it brought 80,000 attendees. Stan Lee also made an appearance, and he served as the Grand Marshal for the annual Dragon Con parade.

Filmed by Eugene Pun, David Hoang
Edited by David Hoang

Song: No Promises ft. Demi Lovato (Gil Andrie Remix)

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