Switch 4.0 update secretly added Gamecube controller support

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but when we got our first official look at the Nintendo Switch last year, my biggest question was how will I play my beloved Super Smash Bros. series? Yes, I know that there are Switch Pro controllers that would obviously work, but coming from someone who has spent the past decade purely smashing on a GameCube controller, I became a bit worried.

The Wii U circumvented this dilemma for the smash community by introducing the Wii U GameCube controller adapter along with the launch of Smash 4. This was huge for the smash community as some professionals in the esports scene won’t even enter tournaments if they don’t have their GameCube controller that has undergone years of continued use. While this may not seem like a big deal for the casual audience, as often enough, they are just happy to play the game regardless of their controller. But this is a major win for the hardcore audience.

This little secret addition in the Nintendo 4.0.0 update means that hardcore fans of the franchise have even more to look forward to in the upcoming years and the inevitable Smash release for the Nintendo Switch. The ability to already use GameCube controllers could mean that we could be looking at another more refined and mechanically inclined Smash game like the GameCube’s Super Smash Bros Melee. Melee to this day is still being seen at multiple prolific tournaments each year. This is because a majority of the smash community feel that it was the most balanced and rewarded players who dedicated the time to learn every single thing about the game.

Being able to use a GameCube controller on the Switch makes me think that Nintendo is laying the groundwork for the next Smash game with the ability to emulate the beloved Melee game while updating the graphics and adding new characters to the roster. We may start to see GameCube games making their way to the previously promised virtual console on the Nintendo Switch. This small but amazing addition could have so many implementations in the future, and I hope Nintendo will take full advantage of this and utilize it fully. If nothing else, I’m just happy that another one of my purchases from the Wii U era will stop collecting dust and start to get some use again.

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