Get your crosshairs on with HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse (review)

hyperx Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming, having the right tools is what separates you from being either on the top or the bottom. HyperX has introduced the Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse, its newest addition to its current lineup of gaming accessories. I recently had the opportunity to try out HyperX’s new mouse to see how it holds up in the high-stakes world of first-person shooters.


If the first thing you look for in a new gaming mouse is design, then the Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse is not for you. At first glance, the mouse looks very generic. It has a very minimalistic design that blends in very well with your gaming setup. But don’t let its design fool you because it’s very comfortable to hold.

The mouse is contoured nicely to fit right in the palm of your hand. And the added textured grip on both sides allows you to hold the mouse safely, minimizing the chances of the mouse slipping out of your hands. The mouse comes with an extra long braided cable that maximizes your movement. So if you use an extra large mouse pad like myself. Then you don’t need to worry about snagging your mouse. Rounding out the design of the Pulsefire is the red accent LED lights which showcases the mouse wheel and the HyperX logo.

Out of the box, the Pulsefire already comes pre-programmed. Right under the mouse wheel, you’ll find a button that lets you instantly change your DPI settings. With just one click of the button, you can switch your DPI setting to either 400, 800, 1600 or 3200. The button will change color between white, red, blue and yellow to let you know which setting you are using. Essentially the Pulsefire mouse is a plug and play, allowing you to instantly use the mouse without having to make small adjustments and tweaks.


Here comes the moment of truth, seeing how the Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse performs. When it comes to first-person shooters, the only game I invest a lot of my time is Overwatch. So I fired up the game, plugged in the mouse and went a few rounds. Now I play a bevy of characters in Overwatch, characters that require the highest precision to the characters who are just meant for spray and pray.

Fitted with the Pixart 3310 sensor, I found that the mouse performed very well during my time on Overwatch. It was smooth and reliable. I was able to aim with higher precision and turn much faster than before. With the ability to change my DPI settings with a click of a single button, I was able to change my settings when it came to changing my character. At times when I would use Hanzo or McCree, I found that a DPI setting of 800 was a perfect choice. And when I switched to characters like Pharah or Junkrat, being able to switch to either 1600 or 3200 easily gave me the flexibility I look for in an FPS game.

The Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse exceeded my expectations, and I was very pleased with how well it performed. After a few hours of gaming, I found that I didn’t suffer from any fatigue in my hands, which is always a plus in my book. The lack of software to customize buttons can be seen as a downside to some, as well as the fact that the mouse is designed mainly for right-handed players, but overall if you’re looking for a minimalistic mouse that’s precise and reliable, then this mouse is just for you. What is the first foray into the world of gaming mice, the Pulsefire FPS proves that HyperX is moving in the right direction.

You can purchase the Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse on for $49.99

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