Online Sega Shop open for business

For about a week, the online Sega Shop has been open to the public. While Sega’s days as a console maker are long gone, the company still remains a major third-party developer. Furthermore, properties such as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega Genesis are recognizable to most gamers. It only makes sense for Sega to profit off them through merchandise.

And rest assured Sonic fans, there is plenty of Sonic merchandise blasted upon website visitors immediately when shopping.

Ever needed a white Sonic hoodie? A Sonic coffee mug? Plush doll? It is all there. Sonic the Hedgehog still sells merchandise for Sega, despite being far removed from its 16-bit glory days. The launch of this store actually goes well with the recent release of the retro-styled Sonic Mania and upcoming Sonic Forces. The latter game comes out on Nov. 7.

What else looks cool inside the store? In terms of Sega Genesis-related items, the standard hoodies and t-shirts are there.

But the store also sells Sega Genesis Controller Soap.

That is not a controller folks. The above picture taken from the online shop is soap on sale for $16.95. It looks real. In addition, the store also sells Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 cartridge soaps. They both look real too.

As for their most popular items, Sega cannot seem to keep enough children’s costumes in stock. Need a Tails costume for a little girl? Too bad. The adorable outfit is sold out. Need a Sonic Toddler Romper Costume? Sold out as well.

Yes, Halloween is near.

The Sega Shop seems off to a good start. Check it out.

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