Hunt: Showdown’s Steam early access coming soon

The mosquitos buzz around your face as your body is partially submerged in the murky swamps of deep Louisiana. The rain has been falling steadily this evening, but you’re still able to see your prey. You’ve been tracking this creature for three days now and have finally cornered it at an abandoned shack. Making your way slowly through much of the swamp, you try your best not to stir the water too much so as to not disclose your position.

Suddenly, gunfire erupts.

You weren’t the only one chasing this thing. It looks like two other bounty hunters like yourself and your partner have also been tracking this thing through the swamp. Now it’s a life and death scenario with either killing the creature first and banishing it to hell, stopping the other bounty hunters from getting to your bounty, or just murdering everyone. What’s your choice?

This is Hunt: Showdown

Developed by Crytek, Hunt: Showdown is supposed to change the co-op multiplayer genre again. The game will focus on a survival style with “high risk, high reward” type of gameplay and it looks absolutely exciting. There are a lot of survival co-op games right now, however, this game itself looks to be unique in its own right.

As I stated in the initial paragraph, you and another player will work together to track and hunt down these abominations in order to catch their bounties. However, you two aren’t the only ones tracking these creatures down. You will encounter other players tracking the same creature and your options are limited. Do you let them take the bounty? Do you kill them? Do you let the creature kill them? Or do you just murder everyone?

There’s also a bloodline system. If your character dies, he dies for good. Let me repeat that, “If your character dies, he dies for good.” This is critical since that means you will lose the money you’ve gained if your character gets killed in the level and doesn’t escape to attain the bounty. If your character does die, they pass on their traits (experience) to their next of kin that you take control of. They don’t attain the items or money their relative has lost, but at least they gain all the past experiences.

In a way, this game reminds me of Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios, but with more on the line. The game will be in early access on Steam. If you’re interested in a survival co-op game where you can lose everything (ala Dark Souls), then this looks like a game you should check out!

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