CND continues to wait outside Nintendo NY (this time for Super Mario Odyssey)

Picture taken from CND’s Twitter

Followers who are not tired of CND waiting outside Nintendo NY could not be more pleased. CND is still waiting outside Nintendo NY. This time, he wants to be first in line to purchase the highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey on Oct. 27.

First though, the rising YouTube star whose real name is Alex Pekala decided to do some trolling. He made people believe the New York trip ended after waiting in line for the SNES Classic and attending the Nintendo World Championships.

Considering CND’s home is in Wisconsin, most people would understand if he felt too tired for Super Mario Odyssey.

But the ruse did not last long. While he tweeted out a picture of himself next to his “Amiibo collection,” most followers figured out the picture came from Nintendo NY.

Indeed, people noticed the price tags and Skylanders toys in the background.

CND came clean soon enough at the end of his “HAD TO FINALLY LEAVE NEW YORK” YouTube video.

In other words, a new “season” of waiting outside Nintendo NY is currently running.

Despite the amount of times he has done this, the vlogs still come across as entertaining. There is something about watching a man brave the cold northeastern elements to wait for a Nintendo console or video game that is exciting.

After Super Mario Odyssey though, Mr. Pekala will finally take a break from waiting in line. Right?

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