Star Trek: Discovery’s fan theory that may blow your mind

Please note that this article may contain spoilers for upcoming episodes


Star Trek: Discovery has received positive reviews and has been praised by the Trek community for its storylines and awesome Easter eggs. Of course, a Star Trek series wouldn’t be complete without some drama and theories. One theory that many fans are speculating is that the character that was introduced to us this past Sunday, Lt. Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) is actually Voq in disguise.

Latif, who is rarely seen in the promotional materials, was originally cast to play Klingon commander, Kol. His character was quickly changed to become a Starfleet officer and the character of Voq was introduced, played by Javid Iqbal. The funny thing is – Javid Iqbal doesn’t exist. Sure, he has an IMDB set up, but he only has Star Trek: Discovery as his only credit with only photos from the series.

Also, another thing that Latif has in common with Javid Iqbal, is that they share the same last name. Shazad Latif was born Shazad Khaliq Iqbal. 

As for the series, Discovery gave us some hints of spies within the Federation.

In the fourth episode, ‘The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry’, Voq was sent to train with the House of Mo’Kai, known for their espionage and lying skills. We then learned during the fifth episode, ‘Choose Your Pain’, during Captain Lorca’s torture by L’Rell, she told him the reason why she spoke English was for spying purposes. Another foreshadowing indicator that there is (or will be) a spy among them.

As for Lt. Ash Tyler, he was first introduced as a prisoner of war on the Klingon ship. He was kept alive because the captain (L’Rell) took a ‘liking to him.’ Let’s be real, as good-looking as Tyler is, L’Rell would not go for a human. She seemed pretty disgusted with Lorca when he hinted her liking to humans. But, we do know Voq and L’Rell do have a relationship going on between the two, so if Tyler is Voq, he’s not lying there.


How does Voq disguise himself as a human?

Well, if you look at Star Trek’s Klingon history, we see that there was a Klingon augment virus, which was used to explain the differences between The Original Series and The Next Generation Klingons. The virus augmented the looks of the Klingons as shown here:

L’Rell told Voq he’d have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat the Federation. Becoming human sounds like one major sacrifice from the Klingons.

In the sneak preview of the next episode, via After Trek, showed Tyler being introduced to Michael. Tyler seemed to immediately recognize her. Sure, Michael is known for being a traitor in the Federation. But, the last thing Voq had in his hand, before destroying it, was information on Captain Georgiou and Michael Burnham. Coincidence? Possibly.

Of course, all of these are fan theories. Nothing has been confirmed by any of the Discovery staff and we should wait to see and hear more. Until then, we’ll be collecting our theories on the matter and share it with you.

Star Trek: Discovery airs on Sundays on CBS All-Access.

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