Nintendo Switch eShop adds ‘Games on Sale’ category

Most Switch owners expected this move. Nintendo finally added a “Games on Sale” category recently to the Switch eShop. Only two games are shown at the moment, but the addition is a welcome one as Nintendo games are notoriously expensive.

According to Allegra Frank of Polygon, ” … the company is starting to slowly catch on to how to run the storefront in a way that best serves its customers. Of course the eShop should have a place where we can find what’s on sale; that’s a common, expected category.”

“Although the area is sparse right now, with nearly 500 Switch games already available, we expect the section to eventually become a useful place to sift through for some good deals.”

Again though, Nintendo games cost quite a bit sometimes. So, what may be on sale for the Switch or 3DS might be “normal” on other consoles. But the category is still going to be helpful, as separating games into different categories helps them stand out.

Chris Carter of Destructoid wrote, “One of the most requested features is a better eShop, not only from users who want to find games better, but developers who wish to have their works curated and not dumped into a giant list.”

“One small ray of hope was added this very week actually, as the Switch eShop now has the option to view ‘Games on Sale.'”

Also, either Switch sales are cooling off or Nintendo really has ramped up production. The hybrid console should not be too hard to find in the immediate moment. Things could change leading up to Christmas though.

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