American Gods Season 1 Blu-ray review: Join the war of the gods

American Gods

Earlier this year the Starz network introduced us to the world of American Gods, the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel which he wrote nearly twenty years ago. Now the complete first season is here for you to own in glorious Blu-ray, packed with tons of features and extras that will bring you deeper into the world of the gods in America.

Written and created by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, American Gods tells the story of Shadow Moon, a man who is released from prison after hearing about his wife’s sudden death. On an airplane ride back home to attend his wife’s funeral, Shadow meets a colorful character who goes by the name Mr. Wednesday. Wednesday employs the services of Shadow Moon to accompany him across the country so that he can meet his old colleagues, thus thrusting Shadow into an ongoing war between the old and new gods. It’s a world filled with magic, mysticism and a whole lot of blood.

The complete first season has eight episodes, each presented in stunning high-definition and 5.1 Dolby digital audio. Each episode is filled with striking visuals and audio, and you’ll surely appreciate every ounce of bone-crunching sounds and splattering blood. The total run-time of all eight episodes comes in just over seven hours, which is just long enough to fill one whole afternoon of binge-watching your new favorite show.

After you’ve watched all eight episodes, you can go back and visit the special features, which I will say does not disappoint. Some features included are a brief story about the old and gods, the origins of American Gods, and of course, cast and crew commentary. A few of the features I enjoyed are the breakdown of each god that makes an appearance in the TV show. A show about gods at war, you’re bound to be introduced to a handful of gods, and it’s good to know who is who. ‘American Gods’ just doesn’t bring in known mythological gods since it introduces some new and modern ones. And the last thing you want is to finish the first season and be slightly confused on which god is representing what.

Another favorite of mine is the origins of ‘American Gods’ which has Neil Gaiman giving us an insight into how the book came to be. Gaiman is a prolific writer whose work has been adapted numerous times, so it’s always refreshing to get a look into his mind on the stories he writes. Of course with any adaptation, you’re bound to get some differences between the book and the TV show. And for those ‘American Gods’ purists who live by the book, there’s a great feature included in which they break down the differences and changes between the novel and the TV show.

Regardless, if you were able to catch the show in its regular time slot, or if you’re now looking for a new show to get addicted to, the American Gods Blu-ray is perfect to add to your growing collection. The show does a masterful job of sucking you into the world of its engaging mythology. As you hunger for the second season, the Blu-ray is a great way to satiate yourself while you wait for the premiere of season two.

You can purchase your copy of the ‘American Gods’ Blu-ray at any of your major retailers today for $39.99

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