Did Nintendo file a Game Boy Classic patent?

Game Boy
Retro consoles became a cash cow for Nintendo. The Big N released the wildly successful SNES Classic and NES Classic. Most people expect a Nintendo 64 Classic to appear soon as well. Now, gaming websites seem to be buzzing over a mysterious Game Boy patent too. It could turn out to be nothing, but there is speculation the patent signals a future Game Boy Classic.

According to Aatif Sulleyman of The Independent, “A new trademark application filed by Nintendo has ignited rumours of an impending Game Boy launch.”

“The application, which was submitted on 15 September, was accompanied by an image of the Game Boy.”

“It was spotted by a Japanese trademark bot, which tweeted it into the public consciousness.”

The average reader here will not be able to read the bot’s tweet.

Here is the translation below:

“[Commercial hope 2017-123766] trademark :[ image] classified / applicant: Nintendo Nintendo Co., Ltd. / filing date: 9/15/2017 / :9(home video game machine for program other), 14 (Keychain other), 18 (bag fittings other), 21 (makeup tools other), 25 (clothing etc), 28 (home video-game consoles.”

Does all of that text translate into an upcoming retro console, or something else? One of the commenters underneath the tweet believes it is something else.

Even if there is no actual Game Boy Classic in the bot tweet though, does anyone doubt one will be made?

Ever since the 2016 NES Classic turned into the “must buy” gaming hardware of the year, Nintendo has been making plans for more retro consoles, in addition to bringing back the NES Classic next year. Meanwhile, the Switch Virtual Console is still a no-show. It is hard to fault Nintendo for taking the path that makes more money though. Retro consoles sell for them.

Expect a Game Boy Classic, Nintendo 64 Classic and who knows what else?

Perhaps a Virtual Boy Classic could pop up soon.

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