Hot Topic will help you feel like a DC superhero…sort of

As the rise of comic book films seem to be at an all time high, many companies who once swore to never touch the genre find themselves neck-deep in products being pushed out for the holiday season. We got everything from Iron Man waffle irons to Batman hamster houses. Seriously, the merchandise game is strong in this day and age. Find something that doesn’t have a DC or Marvel sticker on it, and you can bet that in the next two months, it’ll have one.

Yes, you can find many unwarranted items from the two titanic comic book powerhouses just about anywhere nowadays, but what about the stuff us fans really want? Well, Hot Topic may have an answer for you!

Just announced this morning, Hot Topic will begin launching a new clothing line in promotion of the upcoming release of the next DC film to hit the silver screen, Justice League. To honor the characters who will be protecting the earth from alien invaders, the store will start selling jackets emblazoned with their unique symbols.

The line, composed of men’s and women’s jackets featuring iconography connected to the DC Entertainment property, will be available in select Hot Topic stores and online. Included are jackets displaying the Flash’s lightning bolt symbol, Wonder Woman’s double-W chest plate and Batman’s iconic branding. Check out some of their products below!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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