Nintendo-licensed Super Mario Bros. makeup is on sale

Super Mario Bros. makeup

Earlier, Nintendo posted an Instagram picture plugging their official Super Mario Bros. makeup from Shu Uemura. It should come as little surprise that these products exist. After all, Star Wars makeup has been a thing for a while now. So why not use Nintendo’s most famous franchise as well? Makeup companies are wise to capitalize on popular nerd-related IPs.

Are these products worth buying though? As a writer who doesn’t use makeup, it is hard to tell. The official Shu Uemura website does offer a description of each Super Mario Bros.-themed product, so here is an overview of the first few categories.

Under the Lips category, there is Rogue Unlimited Supreme Matte, Rogue Unlimited Sheer Shine and Tint in Balm.

Sheer Shine is in two colors: Stage Cleared and Saved Peach. For Tint in Balm, the two colors are Fire Flower and Underground Adventure. Some of the descriptions are fun to read.

For example, get “inspired by Super Mario Bros. intense reds … that add a power-play edge to your look.”

For Eyes, the company sells Peach’s Eye & Cheek Palette, Dual Stamp-Me Liner and Drawing Pencil. It looks like the first option is currently sold out. The liner is a “new double-ended pen of smooth liquid eyeliner and superstar stamp,” while the drawing pencil is “inspired by Princess Peach’s iconic dress and Shu Uemera most popular shades.” Interesting.

In other words, these are everyday makeup products with a Mario stamp. No one is going to become invincible by wearing the makeup, but the colors and artwork on the products are cool nonetheless.

Shu Uemera also offers Super Mario Bros.-themed Skincare, Face, Professional Tools, Hair Care and Styling products. Does anything else stand out within those categories?

The Adventure Makeup Box under Professional Tools is kind of cool.

According to the description, “Dive into Adventure Makeup Box and collect your favorite makeup items in the box with ’80s pixel coolness decoration.” For guys, this would make a fantastic gift for a gaming girlfriend or wife.

Unfortunately, the Super Mario Bros. Adventure makeup box is $475. Better save up.

Hopefully, more video game-themed makeup and other fashion products appear in the future.

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