Marvel releasing new comic, Starboy, starring The Weeknd?


During this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, Marvel unveiled its new collaboration with R&B singer The Weeknd. The new series would be titled Starboy, which coincidently also happens to be the name of the singer’s chart-topping double platinum album from last year. The artist revealed on his official Twitter that he would be attending the event earlier in the week and was on-hand during the convention to sign autographs and take pictures.

Strangely enough, it was just last year The Weeknd, real name Abel Makkonen Tesfayerevealed in an interview that they had toyed with the idea of creating a comic book based off the singer’s alter ego from the album.

“Starboy is the next chapter in this chronicle, this saga. I guess this is the fourth chapter. He’s a character that we created. It’s so funny, we want to create a comic out of him as well […] He’s a cool, dope character that makes appearances a lot on the album. He’s definitely made his appearance in different records in the past as well. He’s a more braggadocious character that we all have inside of us.”

It should be interesting to see what Marvel does with the comic since a majority of The Weeknd’s song reference hard drug use that Abel based on his own real-life struggles during high school. You need to look no further than the album’s number one single, “Starboy,” where it references his girlfriend snorting cocaine. He also makes a reference to drinking Codeine to kill the pain.

Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby
You talking money, need a hearing aid
You talking ’bout me, I don’t see the shade
Switch up my style, I take any lane
I switch up my cup, I kill any pain

I’m actually kind of interested to see where this goes. If Marvel goes really edgy with this I think it could be really interesting to see a story about a superhero with a drug problem. Does anyone remember when Iron Man was an alcoholic? How about when Captain America was hooked on Crystal Meth? Also, seeing as Daft Punk appears on the album twice and was even featured in two music videos, you gotta figure they’d somehow appear in the comic, right?

There is currently no real details like who’s writing or who’s the artist. All we know that the comic is slated to drop sometime in 2018.

Check out the “Starboy” music video featuring Daft Punk below.

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