‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 episode titles revealed…again

Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things is one of those shows that appears suddenly and, without notice, takes the world by storm. It came, it conquered the ’80s nostalgia needs, and left fans satisfied and wanting more. Many of us – myself included – flocked to Netflix’s social pages to sit and wait for information regarding the following season, one that couldn’t get here fast enough. It didn’t take long for outlets to get news and info, which we grabbed graciously and ran with. It looks like we ran too fast with some of that goodness.

Last August, we reported the announcement of the second season to the sci-fi Netflix series. Along with that news also came the information of the titles of each episode, uniquely named according to the era it resides in. Well, it seems that the Duffer brothers had a change of heart with some of those titles. In a post on Twitter, the show revealed all new episode titles for the follow-up season in a unique way:

So with the new changes, it seems that the episodes will be titled as such:

  • Chapter 1: Dragon’s Lair
  • Chapter 2: Trick or Treat Freak
  • Chapter 3: The Pollywog
  • Chapter 4: Will the Wise
  • Chapter 5: Dig Dug
  • Chapter 6: The Spy
  • Chapter 7, 8, and 9: Unknown

The only title from the original list that made the final cut was Chapter 3’s The Pollywog, spouting a whole new episode list for fans. What’s unique, however, is not what was listed in the clip, but what was omitted actually. The last three chapters are shown being sliced by a creature’s hand, without being given a name. In the first announcement video, the chapters omitted were titled The Secret Cabin, The Brain, and The Lost Brother. It’s uncertain as to whether or not those titles are still valid, but I guess we’ll have to wait for another clip to debut to tell us the new episode list.

What do you think? Are you excited for season two? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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