The next game of the year contender is about a goose


Wondering what will get the next Game of the Year contender? Look no further because as it turns out it will a stealth-based game centered around a goose being a dick to a farmer. Indie dev House House released the first preview this week for their ‘Untitled Goose Game.’ The gameplay footage shown was from the pre-alpha game, but it already looks very promising. House House is a relatively small development team from Melbourne, Australia, and it gained attention last year after releasing the award-winning title, Push Me Pull Me.

There is currently not a lot of details available about the game, but from the video, we can at least gather a few tidbits about a few game mechanics. At first, it does not appear that the farmer is at all unhappy with your presences. Maybe there is a frustration meter and once the farmer has had enough of your crap, he just comes after you once he sees you. You can hide in the bushes to keep out of sight and also honk to get his attention.

It appears there is an overall objective you are given with each level. At the beginning of the video, we can see a list of activities you need to complete to clear the garden. There is also what appears to be a tease for co-op mode with two geese harassing the farmer. So far, that has yet to be confirmed but that seems like it would be a lot of fun.

It is such a simple concept and yet it seems so interesting and hilarious. The music is perfect too. I honestly can’t wait to hear more about this game and am eager to see what it will be like once it is fully released.

‘Untitled Goose Game’ is currently slated for release sometime in 2018.

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