Logitech G Series wireless gaming mouse and keyboard review

As I type this review on the G613 keyboard, all I’m thinking is “Damn, this feels good.” It may have to do with upgrading from the Logitech G413 which had a smaller form factor, all I know is that I’ve been missing a full-size keyboard. Yes, it is wireless, and yes, it is designed for gaming.

I’ve only been a part of the “PC Master Race” for about 3 years now, and all I’ve ever heard is that wired is the way to go for gaming thanks to the low input lag. I drank the wired Kool-Aid like most other gamers do, but there is accuracy in this “wired over wireless” argument. Don’t lie though, if there was a mouse and keyboard combo designed for gaming that was also wireless, you would go for it in a heartbeat. This is where Logitech G’s G603 mouse and G613 keyboard come into play. Using LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology and the Hero Sensor, is this combination the wireless gaming world needs?

One of the big turn-offs of wireless control methods is battery life. Thankfully, these guys run on two AA batteries for a long time. The mouse lasts 500 hours (half that if you decide to run on one battery) and the keyboard lasts 18 months. As a result, these devices don’t have any LED lighting like other traditional gaming setups, but for the amount of battery life and performance you’re getting, this is more than okay. There is also Bluetooth functionality on both, so if you want to type something on your phone which is conveniently placed next to you on the included kickstand, it’s just a press of a button away. Want to go back to typing on your PC, click the button on the keyboard to easily go back. It’s seamless.

Logitech G claims that both the mouse and keyboard have a response time of 1 ms. To test this out, I played the likes of DoomCall of Duty WWII Beta, and Fortnite: Battle Royale. I’m no eSports player, so I couldn’t tell the difference between a 1 ms response time or something like 5 ms. The good news though, is that the wireless didn’t make me play any worse than I would have normally played on my old wired mouse and keyboard.  Especially playing the CoD WWII Beta, which required exceptionally fast response time. Now if only I was better at it. When it came to Doom, I mostly play single-player, but even in that mode you have to be fast.

Final Reaction

I could go really deep into the technical side of this mouse and keyboard (I wouldn’t know what I’m talking about anyway), but all I need to tell you about the G603 mouse and G613 keyboard is that they are fantastic devices that really demonstrate the boundaries Logitech G are pushing. If I can get the perfect PC gaming experience without the need for more wires, then I’ll be holding on to these babies for a long time. The best part is that I won’t be running through a lot of AA batteries in the process!

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

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