MMA fighter says anime fans are ‘losers’ and that he’ll take all their waifus

Andrew Tate is not necessarily a household name, but the former kickboxing champion recently gained a lot of attention after he posted a tweet aimed at anime fans. The MMA fighter publicly stated that “If you are over 15 and like cartoons you are a loser. Anime, dragon ball Z etc. No excuse. Plus ANY woman loses respect for you. Grow up.” Obviously, this did not go well with anime fans.

Tate spent the better part of the day trolling fans that responded to his tweet. He even got a response from FUNimation’s own account.

The best response to Tate’s tweet so far has come from UFC fighter Ben “10” Nguyen. Nguyen is currently the No. 8 ranked Flyweight in the UFC and his wife is the Australian Super Bantamweight champion. He claims both he and his wife are proud to call themselves fans of anime.

Not entirely sure if this could be worked into an angle for a fight, but if it did that would be one of the weirdest angles I’ve ever heard of. Maybe they can get Crunchyroll as a sponsor?

Other than Ben, big MMA names like Ronda Rousey have openly admitted to being big fans of anime like Dragon Ball Z. Just last year, Bellator fighter Michael “Venom” Page got mainstream attention for his post-fight Pokemon celebration.

Despite what Andrew Tate said, it seems like at this point he’s just having fun trolling anyone who responds. You can check out a few of his post below.

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