Game & Talk Ep. 53: Tokyo Game Show Recap

Game & Talk

Last week was pretty good for fans of Japanese gaming since The Tokyo Game Show was in full effect. Joey and Alan (since Chris has not yet come back from being a war hero) go over the hot titles announced during Sony’s TGS Press Conference, including but not limited to Monster Hunter World. Expect a lot of mechs to come up in this discussion.

Following that discussion, do you remember the most famous marsupial in gaming, Crash Bandicoot? Well, his latest game Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy has sold gangbusters, so it looks like the future is bright for the red bandicoot! You hear that? That’s a parade of ’90s kids celebrating the return of a childhood icon!

Also worth talking about is the touching tribute to the late and great President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata in which a Switch owner (who has never connected to the internet for some reason) can play the NES game Golf on their system if they do the signature Direct pose with the Joy-Cons on July 11, the anniversary of his death. No, YOU’RE the one that’s crying!

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