Chicken Wiggle 3DS review – A delightful experience

Chicken Wiggle

Not many games make me go “awww” right at the start, but upon booting up Chicken Wiggle, it did just that. I’ve heard a lot about this game from fellow content creators, so I decided to give it a shot. Boy, I was not expecting to love this game as much as I did!

It could be that I have just rekindled my love for the Nintendo 3DS thanks to Metroid: Samus Returns, but I was instantly hooked on the novelty provided by Chicken Wiggle. It reminded me of the kind of games I would play on my Game Boy Color in that it borrows a lot from nostalgic properties while still making a unique experience. The developers at Atooi are experts in this genre, with games like Xeodrifter and Mutant Mudds under their belt.

You play as a young chicken who witnesses his friends being kidnapped by the likes of an evil witch. Then his new sidekick- a wiggly worm- appears and says without hesitation “Let’s team up and rescue everyone from the witch!” The worm then crawls into the chicken’s backpack and they set off to rescue their friends. For some odd reason, I absolutely adore how simple the premise is, and there aren’t any more cutscenes until the very end, which somehow ends even cuter than it began.

Chicken Wiggle feels like your standard 2D platformer and controls as good as one too. By using the worm in the chicken’s backpack, you can grapple onto any ceiling or wall a few yards away. Even though you can grapple to walls to make moving faster, you can only safely attach to ceilings and hang there.  The worm is also good for stunning enemies, which is a necessity since you practically have to be one pixel away from them to get a safe hit with your beak. This would be a bigger problem if combat was the main focus in Chicken Wiggle, but platforming and collecting are the objective.

Each level has 100 jewels to collect and three lettered orbs that spell the word FUN. Collecting all of these is completely optional and you can go right to the end of the level to save your chicken friend, though it’ll be hard not to collect a few jewels along the way. These collectibles add some replay value if you’re itching to go back and 100% the game. Some of the FUN orbs are extremely hard to find since some require to go off the beaten path and through invisible walls. Most of the levels take about 2-3 minutes to complete, but some of the really hard ones take even longer. Later on, certain levels will include power ups that will allow you to fly, destroy walls, and become a ghost to attack other ghosts.

The game only took me about 4 hours to complete. I’m guesstimating of course because I played it in short bursts whenever I would get a break. Even though the game is fun, I’m not too fond of playing it over an extended period of time. Fortunately, the $15 ($10 as of writing this) price tag make the short length more than acceptable. Besides, it wouldn’t surprise me if the game was designed for short bursts of play.

So what happens when you do run out of levels in this short game? Make your own or play others online! Chicken Wiggle features a level creator that is as easy-to-use and in-depth as Super Mario Maker, only this time you don’t need to punch in a code to find a level. I’ve never been good at level design, but I was impressed with how easy it was to create one with the 3DS touchscreen. Menu layouts are simple and it’s easy to add and remove elements on the fly. The game’s story mode was made using this level creator, so anyone can make their own story mode that’s just as good as the official game’s.

Final Reaction

Chicken Wiggle is, by every definition of the word, delightful. Sure it’s short and doesn’t do anything new with the genre, but thanks to its charming, nostalgic artstyle and wonderful level design paired with good controls, the game is simply- as the collectible orbs would describe it- FUN. I would also recommend this inexpensive game to people who want to improve their craft of level design, since the creator mode is the perfect tool for that. Nintendo is currently focusing a lot on pushing games for the Switch, but Chicken Wiggle is one of those games that make the 3DS worth visiting!

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms


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